Over 105 Years of Combined Experience

 “Building immersive, gorgeous experiences with evergreen game mechanics.” 

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Monsters & Titans

An epic match three adventure that will have players exploring a mystical landscape with deep dark dungeons in search of legendary heroes to help battle fabled monsters and titans that have been unleashed on the lands. 


The Hero


The Sidekick


Fairy Queen


The Mentor


The Villain



Summon Heroes

Rare, Epic & Legendary Heroes

Help Olivia find rare, epic and legendary heroes to help take back the lands from the many creatures that Phantasmo has summoned to do his evil bidding. Over 100 heroes to uncover and level up in this fight between good and evil.


Kingdoms of Solitaire 

No more green felt! A new and modern take on an all time classic featuring over 12 uniquely themed kingdoms.

Coming 1st Quarter of 2020. 


Word Chocolate

A tasty new word game from the creators of the mobile hit, Hooked on Words. Search for more words, earn bigger bonuses and power up your scores in worldwide leaderboards in what is sure to be an addicting new addition to your daily schedule. 


Hooked On Words Blitz

The multiplayer sequel to the original hit game, now players can compete head to head or in teams in tournament play.




Megu (Me-Goo) Games is an up and coming mobile game publisher based out of Sedona, Arizona. The team is comprised of game industry veterans with over 105 years of combined experience and 185 published titles across all gaming platforms. We have worked alongside Disney, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Apple and AdColony and have brought to market some of the most world-renowned games such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. 

Megu’s team members’ games have also been featured by Apple 5 times and downloaded by millions of players all over the world. 

With varied expertise across all facets of game development and publishing, Megu was formed with the goal to take our combined knowledge and bring highly polished and extremely immersive casual experiences to mobile platforms that will captivate players for years to come. 


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